January 6, 2005 – Ayn Rand’s One Hundredth Birthday

January 6, 2005

A special celebration of Ayn Rand’s One Hundredth Birthday

Junto’s Ayn Rand 100th birthday celebration on January 6th drew 160 people. It was our second largest turnout ever, second only to the 220 for John Stossel in April 2004. Our sponsor, Victor Niederhoffer, called the Rand event the best in the long history of Junto.

Several who knew Miss Rand spoke about her, including Dr. Robert Flanzer, Fred Feingersh, and Molly Hayes. Junto moderator Iris Bell talked about designing The Objectivist Newsletter for Miss Rand, for the Nathaniel Branden Institute.

We had a birthday cake featuring a photo of Miss Rand and covers of her two most popular novels. The words on the cake were: “Reason, Purpose, Self-Esteem.” Dollar signs, as a symbol of capitalism, were around the sides of the cake. We played a segment of a 30 minute interview with Miss Rand in 1961. The entire interview can be viewed at C-SPAN’s American Writers website. When you reach this site click on Watch the Program.

Before the celebration of Miss Rand several of us offered tributes to Elliott Werner, who died in December.

We gather at 7 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month and begin our organized meeting around 7:30. The featured speaker is normally introduced at about 8. The meeting continues until about 10.?Discussions are lively, but polite. Participation by attendees is highly encouraged.

Admission is free, and no reservation is necessary.

Junto focuses on libertarianism, Objectivism — the philosophy of Ayn Rand — and investing.


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